Flowerboxes longlife

Have you ever heard of Rosuz longlife roses? The name longlife says it all; long shelf life or long shelf life love! The Flowerboxes are provided with real roses that remain beautiful for more than 2 or 3 years. These longlife roses are made from the highest quality roses and require no care. Read more about Rosuz longlife roses.

Essential care

The longlife roses are real roses that can last for more than 3 years. Proper care is important! Read more about the treatment of the Flowerboxes with longlife roses.

Personalize your Flowerbox

Each Flowerbox longlife can be made with a card, letter or video greeting card. You can send the content of the card, letter or video yourself when ordering the Flowerbox.

  • Flowerbox longlife Ivy small

    Flowerbox longlife Ivy small

  • Flowerbox longlife Ivy small 3 pack

    Flowerboxes longlife Ivy

  • Flowerbox longlife Zara champagne

    Flowerbox Longlife Zara Champagne

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