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Foil balloon Love

Do you want to make someone feel very special? Surprise your loved one with this Foil balloon Love.

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Foil balloon Love

The foil balloon is 108 x 65 cm in size and can be filled with air.

- Ribbon to put up the foil balloon
- Straw to fill the foil balloon yourself

Materiaal: foil
Size: 108 x 65 cm
Color: gold

Fill yourself
You can fill the foil balloon yourself with air by using the straw we send with it. So if it inflates you can fill it so you can enjoy the foil balloon extra long.

Luxurious box
Because of the size of the foil balloon we cannot deliver it with a luxurious box. You can find more information about delivery here here.

Gift idea!
Make your order complete with one of our Flowerboxes Longlife.

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