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Loyalty Progam

At Rosuz we value loyal customers. For that reason we are running a loyalty program on our website in which you can earn points. In this way you can earn an extra discount by buying more often from us.

Points at registration
You can earn 20 points right away by creating a user account on our website. To do this you have to fill in your personal information like name, zip code, address, city, e-mail address and your phone number. The advantage is that you won’t have to do that again at your next order. You can also see your order history in your account and your current point balance.

Earning points by ordering
You can only earn points on your orders if you are logged in to your account during checkout. For every 3 euro you spend (incl. VAT) you will receive 1 point. You can use these points on your next order.

How much are my points worth?
Every 10 points are worth 1 euro (incl. VAT).

How can I exchange my points?
During the payment of your order you will find a link on the bottom of the page with your points. Here you can determine how much of your earned points you want to exchange on your current order.

For question about our loyalty program, please contact us

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