Video Greeting Card Birth Baby Boy 7 inch


Hooray! A boy is born. Congratulate the parents or share the news in a special way with your own video message on this Video Greeting Card boy 7 Inch. We would like to receive a landscape (horizontal) video.

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Video Greeting Card Birth Baby Boy 7 inch

How does it work?
1. Make your own video from your phone or other video device.
2. Put the Video Greeting Card in your shopping cart and finish your order.
3. Upload the video on the checkout page, after you entered your address data, on the bottom of the payment page.
4. The video will be uploaded on our server so that we will receive it together with your order. Pay Attention! This can take several minutes depending on your internet connection. We will put the video manually on the Video Greeting Card and will check if everything works.

The Video Greeting Card has enough battery capacity to be played multiple times. If you rather put the video on the Video Greeting Card yourself, then order the Video Greeting Card without uploading your video. After you have ordered, we will send you a manual by email so that you can put the video on it yourself.

Pay attention!
- The video should not exceed 3-5 minutes
- The size of the video should be smaller than 220 MB
- Try to make the video horizontal (landscape). A vertical (standing) video could end up being reduced on the screen
- Preferably MP4 format

Do you not want to surprise someone privately but give a unique video card as an invitation, video business card or business gift? It is possible! The video cards can be completely customized to your own house style. For more information request a quote. 


Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 25 × 3 cm

15 × 25 × 3 cm


0.5 kg





Video screen size

7 inch

Video screen resolution


Memory size


Delivery time

2 – 3 days