Sustainability is highly valued by Rosuz. For Rosuz this is not just an isolated project, but rather it is anchored in our way of thinking and working. This means Rosuz always keeps the environment in mind during our own activities, and also takes into account  human aspects inside and outside the organization.


Labor conditions

The protection of employees during the production process in the factory and our company are regulated according to international labor law. For Rosuz the goal is to stick to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and OESO-guidelines. Specifically the right to organizing and collective negotiations and the right to protection against child labor, forced labor, and discrimination. We also follow the norms for working hours, salary, and labor contracts.


Fairtrade means honest products and makes sure that farmers in developing countries get a fair price for their product and that their working conditions are humane. Rosuz values this a lot and also values sustainable production.

Your privacy

Collection of data by creating an account on our website happens with your own consent only and is not obligated. Rosuz respects the privacy of the visitors of our web shop and handles the data provided by our visitors with utmost care. This data will never be sold, rented or shared with third parties. A more elaborate privacy statement can be found here.


Website hosting in green data center

The data center where our web shop is hosted runs totally on green energy generated by wind turbines with 100% Dutch wind. During the production of this sustainable energy no CO2 is released.

Environment friendly packaging

The material used by packaging has a huge impact on the environment. The packaging materials Rosuz uses are  produced in as environmentally friendly of a way as possible. Our packaging is mostly produced out of paper to prevent the exhaust of greenhouse gasses. Our packaging is also reusable.

Waste separation

The collection of waste and more specifically the separation of waste is a high priority for Rosuz. A good waste separation results in more recycling and a major reduction in the stress on the environment. Our products are also custom-made and delivered and because of our efficient processes there is little residual waste.



Rosuz believes that it is important to do something in return for the community with the profit we make. We support a number of good causes and also sponsor a number of local sport clubs.

Buying Local

Rosuz also supports the local economy. Rosuz doesn’t necessarily buy from the cheapest supplier, but also buys often from local and preferably smaller businesses.


To keep Rosuz healthy for the future a large part of our profit is reinvested in research and development. In this way we can deliver even better and more innovative products to our customers in the future.

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