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Treatment Products

Our Flowerboxes can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth. These microfiber cloths are commonly available in many stores. Our Flowerboxes are also reusable so that you can re-fill them with fresh or Longlife roses, or use them for other gifts. You can order these roses from us. Contact us on info@rosuz.nl.
Longlife Roses
Our Longlife roses are real roses that can last for years. Here also proper care is of the utmost importance. A long lifespan can only be guaranteed without heat sources, direct sunlight or other UV light, moist locations, or rooms with high temperatures. Our Longlife roses don’t need water and if they get dusty you can just gently dust them off with a duster. Don’t put objects on top of our Flowerboxes, since this can crush the roses and damage them. Don’t remove the roses from the Flowerboxes, as the Longlife roses are carefully placed by Rosuz.

Our rose bouquets are always delivered with roses fresh from the auction. To be sure that you can enjoy them as long as possible the right treatment is essential. Make sure the roses are always cut at a 45 degree angle and place them in a glass vase. Refresh the water regularly, add flower food, and cut the roses again as needed.

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